Annual Awards

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certificatesKen Hutchison Scholarship
This scholarship is presented for Outstanding Academic Contribution and Performance in Grade 6.

The Ken Hutchison Trophy
This award is to be presented to a boy or girl in Grade 7 who meets all three of the following requirements:
1. High Academic Achievement
2. Sport Involvement at a high level. ( Participation in a summer and winter sport at school, preferably at A team level, or at a high level at a club)
3. Involvement at a high level in the Cultural activities of the school (competent musician, Choir member, involvement in drama, Art etc)

The Greg Brown Trophy
The 2007 Parents’ Forum presents the Greg Brown Trophy as a tribute to Mr Brown, principal of the Grove from 1997 – 2007, in appreciation of his inspiring and visionary leadership.
The trophy is awarded to a pupil in Grade 7 who relates to others with the qualities of compassion, understanding and acceptance. This pupil has the courage to be an individual, and demonstrates concern and respect for others in both the school and the broader society.

The Beechey Award
Established by the Beechey Bequest in 1923.  Mr Beechey was the school’s first headmaster. This award is presented annually to a Grade 7 boy and girl who have done the most during the year to uphold the traditions, values and the good name of the school.


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