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Grade 2 and 3 have an hour lesson in the Computer Room once a week. Grades 1  have one hour every second week as their school day is much shorter.

Each lesson is dedicated to learning a new computer skill and practicing some of the old ones. Usually the lessons are linked to what is happening in the pupils’ classes, though sometimes we just have fun. During Readathon week, for example, we swapped email stories, read online novels, made Favourite Book placemats, drew our favourite stories using Paint and researched authors.

All Grade 1-3 children have access to iPads. Teachers attend regular training on different ways of using the iPads to enhance curriculum and support the lessons in the classroom. There are also iPads available for Specialist teachers to make use of during their lessons.

Our observations indicate that the introduction of iPads and laptops has benefited learning for everyone, from high achievers to underachievers and children with remedial problems. There have been many positive spin-offs in terms of teacher training, pupil motivation and inspiration. 

Chrome books
As The Grove is moving towards being a Google school, we have invested in Chromebooks which are Google based devices. These are used in class by the teachers and pupils. We hope that all our devices will assist with lesson presentation and learning.

Computer Room
The Computer Room is probably the most popular place in the whole school. In the mornings it is busy from way before most children have arrived at school, as emails are caught up on, and projects completed.
The room is available on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons after school for those who need to research, type or complete projects.

Computer Committee
The Computer Committee is a group of Grade 7 pupils whose main task is to keep control in the Computer Room at breaks and before school as well as to assist students wherever possible.
They help to draw up the rules and regulations for the use of the Computers and the Computer Room. They organise and control a roster which allows all pupils equal use of the computers at break times. Being part of the student body, they are often more aware of the needs and interests of their fellow pupils.

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