Glossary of Grove Terms

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children21Bonds refer to basic sums: addition and subtraction

Cake and Candy occurs in the last week of every term. At this event, the  pupils, from different grades each term, are given an opportunity to practice their entrepreneurial skills and this forms a part of the Economic Management Science  assessment.

EMS – Economic Management Science (see Market Day / Cake and Candy)

Foundation Phase – Grades 1 to 3

Houses: Pupils are grouped into 4 houses.
Sparta (green), Troy (blue), Athens (red), and Rome (yellow).
Inter-house activities such as Athletics, a gala and sports matches are held during the year, and house points are also awarded for good academic achievement, progress and behaviour.

Lady Anne Field is an alternative field used by The Grove, located on Lady Anne Avenue in Newlands, 10 mins walk or 5 mins drive away. (see map)

Mini Sports – Physical Education

Obelisk – the obelisk in front of the main entrance to the school reception honours Sir John Herschel, the astronomer, mathematician, botanist, chemist, photographer, pioneer, philosopher, musician, educationist and author. He and his family spent four years at the Cape, from 1834 to 1838, surveying the Southern skies to finish the task his father had begun in the Northern hemisphere. His home was Feldhausen Estate, the house situated where the Talmud Torah Cheder now stands. His renowned twenty-foot reflecting telescope stood in the Grove grounds, the pivot marked by the obelisk which is now a national monument.

Quad – the tarmacked area at the back of the school, used for parking and some sports.  Entrance from Feldhausen Rd.

Thunk Tank –  Each week the pupils are asked a question to which there is no right or wrong answer.  Answers are posted anonymously in the fish tank in the foyer.

Walk to School – a bi-termly event supported by Childsafe and Transport for Cape Town, in which pupils (and a handful of accompanying parents and teachers) gather at a handful of designated places and walk to The Grove for the beginning of the school day.  Participants are encouraged to wear green and carry homemade placards.




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