Guidelines for Parents

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  1. parentsPlease read the Grove Talk, letters and notices very carefully for valuable information, and make a point to diarise important dates, closing times, return from camp times etc. to avoid unnecessary calls to the office.
  2. Please keep the office informed of any changes to your information, phone numbers, address, remarriage, doctor’s information, emergency numbers etc.
  3. Any urgent items that need to come to school must be delivered to the office before the 10.30 break announcements are made. After that time pupils are not called to the office.
  4. If a pupil phones home for a parent to bring something to school it is the pupil’s responsibility to check that the item has been delivered to the school.  Classes cannot be interrupted by calling the child to the office.
  5. Please make firm arrangements for lifts in the afternoons. An awful lot of time is spent trying to contact parents when anxious pupils are waiting to be picked up.  We do understand that parents are often delayed but they do get here eventually, therefore we ask that pupils wait at least 15 minutes before going to the office.
  6. Pupils are not to phone home if they are feeling ill. They should go to the office so that one of the secretaries can phone parents.
  7. There are two public call boxes at the school.  All children should have a phone card for emergencies. The reverse charges number is 1025 and can only be used if you dial to a landline and not to a cell phone. The public telephones are card operated. World Call consists of 2 types of calling cards i.e. World Call Prepaid Vouchers and Word Call Recharge Card (prepaid). Prepaid electronic vouchers are available in denominations of R10, R50, R100 and R200 at all major retail outlets and Telkom Direct Stores and not from the school.
  8. If pupils are absent it is not necessary to phone the school but please send a note when the child returns to school. It is necessary to inform the school if the child is involved in a match that has not been organised by the school.
  9. Letters informing the school that a child has to miss school for any reason should be addressed to Mrs Shield and left with Mrs Claasen or with Reception.
  10. School and music fees may be brought to the Bursar’s office between 08:00 and 13:00. At any other time the envelopes may be posted in the box marked Bursar in the reception area and receipts will be sent home via the pupil.  Please make sure that envelopes are marked with the pupil’s name and class.
  11. Music fees for private teachers and fees for private extra-mural teachers/coaches must be handed directly to the teacher concerned.
  12. After Care fees must be placed in the After Care box in the reception area or paid directly to the supervisors.
  13. When lifting for sporting matches the children may be collected from the quad.

Parents of the Muslim children, please be reminded that you need to notify us in writing annually if you intend to take your children out early for Mosque on Fridays. With the newly structured timetable for 2015, children can leave at 12h30 which means they will not miss any core teaching or assessments. Please collect your children from the gate in Feldhausen Road.

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