Code of Conduct

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certificatesAll members of The Grove community should honour the following rights and responsibilities:


  • Mutual respect and dignity
  • Tolerance, freedom from racism, sexism, ageism, religious and political bigotry
  • Freedom from exploitation and neglect, and from emotional, verbal or physical abuse
  • Information concerning the education process and freedom to express opinion on matters affecting the educational process
  • A fair hearing
  • The best holistic education possible in a caring, safe and comfortable environment
  • The best working conditions possible for teachers and pupils, with parental and management support


  • To adhere to the Code of Conduct and school rules
  • To respect and maintain school resources
  • To respect one’s own property and that of others
  • To establish and maintain good communication with one another, while respecting confidentiality where necessary
  •  To fulfil commitments punctually
  • To acquire and maintain self-discipline, and encourage it in others
  • To use socially acceptable language and pay attention to the person who is speaking
  • To be considerate of others
  • To attend meetings and gatherings and abide by the decisions of such meetings


  • Treat everyone with consideration
  • Greet everybody, observing common courtesies
  • In class acknowledge and greet all adult visitors
  • Stand back for adults in doorways and corridors
  • Stand if sitting when approached by an adult
  • Assist others who are struggling
  • Respect everyone’s contribution
  • No bullying
  • Show respect for the school by wearing the correct uniform
  • Show respect for teachers by being prepared for class


At the start of each year class teachers and classes establish behaviour and work norms and procedures. Rewards and penalties are also agreed upon.

ACADEMIC WORK – Gold stars, honour marks, certificates and prizes operate as rewards

ASSEMBLY AWARD – Outstanding behaviour as observed by a number of teachers

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