June 9, 2017 0 Comments

Dear Grovites

We are an Eco school and The Grove is committed to helping to preserve our environment. As we are experiencing the worst drought in years, all Grovites have an important part to play in saving water. Every drop counts.

The school is already saving water by implementing the following:

  • We have installed 2 x 5000-litre Jo-Jo tanks to catch the rainwater from our roofs.
  • We have refrained from watering our grounds.
  • We added extra mulch to the flower beds.
  • Water-saving valves have been installed inside our taps which reduce water usage by 50% and we have sealed off some of the taps in all bathrooms.
  • Bricks have been placed in all our cisterns to reduce capacity.
  • Cleaning of windows has been stopped.
  • We are currently investigating in a system that will recycle our backwash water so that it can be re-used in the pool.
  • Our Buildings Committee considers water saving measures whenever alterations are made.

Added to the above, in order to reduce the number of washing loads, learners may wear their sports uniform on the days that they have sport or physical education. Sports uniform must always be correctly worn, however, only black school shoes may be worn inside the building as track/sports shoes bring in excessive amounts of mud. Please ensure that your child has both types of shoes at school.