Striving for excellence in an integrated,
nurturing, dynamic environment.

Striving for excellence in an integrated, nurturing, dynamic environment. 

Welcome to The Grove

The Grove is committed to excellence in education and seeks to produce children who are leaders – each in their own individual and unique way.

Virtual School Tour

It’s not easy to visit at the moment, so we’ve made a Virtual School Tour to give you an idea of what goes on at The Grove.

The Grove Primary School, situated below the crags of the picturesque Table Mountain, is home to a diverse student body of 750 boys and girls, from Grade R to Grade 7.
The Grove is committed to excellence in education.  The Grove has enjoyed a deserved reputation for academic excellence but we recognise that excellence is never a static end point: it requires constant renewal, improvement and innovation if it is to be maintained.
Sport has an important part to play in the physical and social development of all young people. Music is an integral part of The Grove, and our dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced teachers strive to develop a love of music across all styles of music, from classical to folk, jazz, African and rock.
At The Grove teachers and parents regularly pool their talents, resources and expertise to maximise the potential for quality education in an inspirational environment.
Thank you for considering The Grove as an option for your child’s education. Please note: The Grove is a Section 21 School which requires payment of fees.
The Grove Primary School is situated at: Grove Ave, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708 Phone 021 674 2077 Email:
Only the Best

Our Vision

We have a vision of The Grove as South Africa’s laboratory of public primary school excellence – a dynamic learning environment striving to achieve educational best practice and committed both to the whole educational need of each individual child at the school as well as to sharing its practices and knowledge with other schools.
Grove Primary in 2020 is: A teaching school known nationally (and internationally) for the quality of its teaching, its teacher development innovations and its internship programme as well as its commitment to sharing its experience and knowledge.

A learning school always pushing the frontiers of what is possible and experimenting and innovating to achieve extraordinary results from its limited resources.

An inclusive and diverse school drawing pupils from the range of religious, racial, class and cultural backgrounds that make up our city and country.

A caring school that encourages its children to care for people and gives practical expression to this through a range of activities supporting the poor, the aged and the sick.

A green school that recycles its waste, minimises its environmental impact footprint and engenders values of sustainability.

A financially secure school that has built up a large trust fund and proactively secures project-based funding from various sources through being an exceptional model.

The Grove is able to fund scholarships and bursaries for deserving students from poor backgrounds as well as finance the technology and facility upgrades required to maintain excellence.

A technologically savvy school at the frontline of applying the new digital and social networking technologies to education in a sustainable affordable manner.

A networked school highly connected to other schools in the city, the country and internationally through partnerships.

An activist school committed to advocacy work with other schools and stakeholders for excellent education for all in South Africa.