Academic Overview

Academic Overview

The Grove is committed to excellence in education. The Grove has enjoyed a deserved reputation for academic excellence but we recognise that excellence is never a static end point: it requires constant renewal, improvement and innovation if it is to be maintained.



The focus of excellence is the children of the school. We will have achieved excellence if the school provides our children with the foundation they need to be all they can be and if they develop as happy well-rounded individuals who are highly equipped for their next stage of life with all the capabilities to be successful and to make a contribution in a competitive globalised world. The Grove in short seeks to produce children who are leaders – each in their own individual and unique way.

This involves enabling them to be self-actualised, adaptive and confident with a broad range of skills and capacities encompassing the academic, cultural and sporting realms. Within this holistic approach to education, The Grove has a particular emphasis on arts and cultural excellence which helps differentiate it from other primary schools in the area that might, for example, have a stronger sports emphasis.

The Grove follows the revised New National Curriculum statement and the Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPS). The language of teaching and learning is English. Afrikaans is incorporated as the 1st additional language and Xhosa is offered on a conversational level.

Learners’ needs are further enhanced by a team of specialist teachers who work closely with the class teachers in diagnosing and addressing any remedial or enrichment needs with appropriate tuition in individual or small group programmes.

The school adopts a mainly class teaching approach from Grades 1 to 6 except for the specialist areas of art, music, technology and physical education. In Grade 7 there is subject teaching in order to prepare the pupils for high school. The class complement for Grades R to 6 is, as far as possible, a teacher to child ratio of :25.