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Statement by The Grove Primary School Governing Body – 19 January 2017

A group of parents at The Grove Primary School raised concerns about the 2017 Budget in November 2016. Concerns were raised with respect to the percentage increase in school fees and details of the financial statements. The Grove addressed the queries by granting requests for access to detailed financial information. The SGB has been transparent with the financials and the basis for the decision to increase fees by 9.93%. As a result of the concerns raised, the SGB has held many meetings and is engaged in vigorous debate and active consultation about the school fees and the 2017 budget.

The Grove also received requests for information pertaining to salaries of staff and section 38A payments for additional services rendered. The SGB, through its Information Officer, decided not to divulge this information until further investigation.The SGB sought advice from the WCED as to what individual financial information it should and may release to parents and the public. The SGB wants to ensure that the disclosure of such information is not an infringement of the rights of the affected staff. At the same time, the public interest may require that such detailed individual information be revealed in order to monitor expenditure in public schools.

In this regard, the SGB sought guidance and consulted broadly with the WCED, legal practitioners and governing body organisations and is currently still engaged with this process.

There is  no legal clarity  around  individual information on additional remuneration under Section 38A, which affects all state schools.

The SGB believes that it is acting carefully, responsibly and with deep integrity in order to ensure the highest standards of governance of The Grove Primary School. The principles of transparency, responsiveness, accountability and inclusivity guide the decisions and actions of the SGB. The SGB will endeavour to act in the very best interests of the school and its community and contribute positively to public education in general.

The Grove SGB will continue to consult, seek legal advice and  engage with the WCED on this matter.

SGB Chair

Busi Maho


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