The Grove strives to set trends in education and also to keep up with world-wide education trends. Needing to be able to cater for the C21 child and understanding that technology will drive learning and enhance education of all kinds, The Grove, over the years, has invested a significant amount of money into infrastructure, devices and training. As technology becomes increasingly mobile, learning opportunities exist everywhere.

Computers at The Grove

The Grove was a pioneer in the adaption of Google for Education. Our teachers are continually being trained in how to integrate technology into the curriculum in the classroom. The Grove has achieved a ratio of 4:1 in respect of devices to children. Our aim is to have a ratio of 1:1.

Wireless coverage exists throughout the entire school and we were able to install our own fibre connection to allow fast and easy access to the internet.

iPads are used in the Foundation Phase mostly as well as in the Library, Enrichment and some Maths classes to enrich learning and enhance the experience for learners and teachers.
Chromebooks are used higher up in the school. This means that every child has their own Grove Google account which IT administration staff are able to manage and control. This also allows quick and easy sharing of documents with other children and teachers.
Collaborative learning is enhanced and apps like Google Classroom allow teachers to set online tasks and enable monitoring of where and when they are being completed. Teachers can mark and comment on these online.