Fees for 2019

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We are committed to providing excellent value for money and aspire to be Cape Town’s “best value” school.   The essentials of general excellence are prioritised and waste and non-essential expenses limited.   School leadership and management regularly explore ways of reducing costs without compromising excellence.    This effort is supplemented by improved financial governance and management that is transparent and accountable.

To sustain excellence it is expected that all parents prioritise paying for education and finding real non-financial ways of contributing particularly where they are partially or fully exempted.

At the same time, we do not want fees to make Grove unaffordable to low income families.   We have a commitment to maintaining a level of exemption of up to 10% in order to enable low income families to access the school.   This is well above the norm for model C schools in the southern suburbs.

Our vision for the school and its on-going development into the future however also requires going beyond current revenues based on fees.    We are committed to a new approach to funding with an emphasis on growing sponsorship and bequest income and leveraging other assets such as voluntary effort and our school facilities to reduce costs and increase revenue.

GRADE 1-7 Fees 2019

Post-dated cheques/Debit orders

Per term

(5% discount eft payments only)

R 3 228.24 (FEB – NOV)
R968.47 discount (3%)
Credit card payments
R8 070.61 R30 668.32 ( before 28/02/2019)

R32 282.44 ( after 28/02/2019)


Pre Primary Fees 2019

Post-dated cheques/Debit orders

Per term

(5% discount eft payments only)

R4 023.80 (FEB-NOV)
R1 207.14 discount (3%0
Credit card payments

R10 059.50

R38 226.10 (before 28/02/2019)

R40 238.00 (after 28/02/2019)


Aftercare Fees  2019
(per term)

Half day (term only until 2.30 pm)          R1 917.50
Term only (until 17h30 pm)          R2 742.00
Term plus holidays          R3 650.00

Please note that these fees are payable in advance and that one term’s notice is required.
After Care fees must be placed in the After Care box in the reception area or paid directly to the supervisors.

Music Fees 2019
(per term)

Individual Lesson    one hour per week R2 660.00
Individual Lesson    half hour per week R1 330.00
Group Lesson    half hour per week  –  2 pupils R730.00
                                                        3 pupils R650.00
                                                        4 pupils R560.00

Standard Bank, Claremont
Branch code: 02 51 09
Account No: 07 25 79 85 4
For those paying by debit order

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