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Grade R

Grade R

We have two Grade R classes, located in a house adjoining the school. This space provides a safe and secure environment for our ‘Ladybirds’ and ‘Dragonflies’. The location allows the pre-schoolers to enjoy the use of The Grove’s field and facilities, and the children are able to familiarise themselves with the school, before spreading their wings.

Grade R at The Grove

In Grade R our primary concern is with holistic development. This includes physical, perceptual, social and emotional and language development.

Routine is structured in such a way that children encounter opportunities to make free choices as well as engage in structured tasks.  The focus is on children learning through play and sensory experiences. They are encouraged to get dirty, run around barefoot and climb trees.

If “play is children’s work”, then our children work hard! The children experience a variety of excursions that are aligned with a theme.