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Music is an integral part of The Grove , and we are fortunate to have a number of dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced teachers who strive to develop a love of music in all our children across all styles of music, from classical to folk, jazz, African and rock.

We encourage all pupils to learn an instrument, as even the most basic mastery helps to develop the brain in a way that aids and complements other areas of the school curriculum such as maths and language acquisition.  Moreover, music provides a wonderful opportunity for self expression, creativity and achievement.

Learning an instrument generates discipline and commitment, and is often proven to be therapeutic. Those playing in a band, or singing in a choir experience the results of good teamwork and cohesiveness. Music also encourages the appreciation of different cultures, promoting a greater mutual understanding amongst those from diverse backgrounds

Instruments Offered

Recorder ( Grade 1 group tuition)
The recorder is an ideal instrument for students as it is manageable in size and technical scope, and provides the best possible background and preparation for learning an orchestral instrument.  Studied in a relaxed environment, the recorder helps to develop the emotional, physical, social and musical growth of a child through the integration of rhythm, singing and movement.

Once children are able to read they may start piano lessons, provided they show an aptitude for music. We presently have 50 budding pianists.

Orchestral Instruments
String instruments as well as wind instruments are taught either individually or in small groups. These sections create magnificent sounds when mastered, but require plenty of discipline and dedication.
Presently we have over 20 children learning the violin, five fife students and six flautists.

Classical and Contemporary Guitar
This is a versatile instrument providing a solid musical foundation.   The classical style is a good place to start, especially for developing  an excellent technique and reading skills.  There are 3 guitar teachers, with over 60 budding guitarists.

This gives students an opportunity to learn different styles and techniques of modern drumming.  It also develops co ordination and a strong sense of rhythm

marimbasExtra Mural Music Options

Junior & Senior choir
Madrigal Singers
Orff Ensemble
Orchestral Ensemble
String Ensemble
Recorder Ensemble
Marimba Bands
African Drumming
Flute Choir
Jazz Quintet 2009


We believe in exposing children to so many different events, such as internal and external concerts, examinations, eisteddfods, inter schools performances, concerts at various theatres etc. We have also staged some wonderful musical productions, such as Alice in Wonderland, Rats, and The Wizard of Oz.

The Grove also hosts workshops by the likes of Francois le Roux – the HA! MAN  – on spontaneous creativity; Anthony Caplan – an expert in African Music , and Michael Ryan who leads drumming circles with parents and children.


Many of our present as well as former pupils continue to reach a high standard of music performance and it is most satisfying to note how many have continued in the field at tertiary level. Many of these musicians come back to share their talents with us.


Individual or group piano and / or recorder tuition is offered by the Grove Music staff before, during and after school. Fees for these lessons are not included in the general school fee structure.
Private teachers and the staff from Beau Soleil Music School come to The Grove to offer tuition in a variety of instruments.
Please contact Miss Fiveash, Head of the Music Department, for further information.


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