School Governing Body

School Governing Body

A message from our SGB Chair

Hope is the belief that our tomorrows can be better than our todays. Hope is not magic; hope is work.” – DeRay Mckesson

The Grove is a place full of hope. And if it is true that there’s also magic – or something that feels like magic it is because there are so many people committed to doing the work.

This work, and this commitment to making magic, is reflected in The Grove’s school governing body (SGB). The SGB is made up of representatives elected by the constituents of the school: parents (5), teaching staff (2), non-teaching staff (1), our acting principal and the school’s business manager who was co-opted onto the board.

These representatives, only recently brought together, are already united by their commitment to the learners of The Grove. Our purpose is clear and constant: to prepare our children for a future that is dynamic and diverse (D Wray, outgoing SGB Chairperson).

Our work is defined in South African law: “to promote the best interests of the school and strive to ensure its development through the provision of quality education for all learners at the school” (Schools Act No 84 of 1996).

Join us in the magic. Join us in the work. Join us in the hope.

Join us at The Grove.

Anna Grimsrud 
SGB Chair

Elected SGB Members

Frank Daubenton
Elected Parent rep

Anna Grimsrud
Elected Parent rep SGB Chairperson

Susan Jack
Elected Parent rep

Catherine Lee
Elected Educator rep

Abe Louis
Principal (acting)

Naseema Parker
non-Educator rep

Bev Pettit
Elected Educator rep

Liane Posthumus
Elected Parent rep
SGB Deputy

Suhail Suleman
Elected Parent rep Treasurer

Helen  Unwin
Co-opted rep