School Governing Body

School Governing Body

A Message from our SGB Chair

There are many things that make a great school great. But two things are core – the teachers who craft the learning experiences of our children and the parents, who hold up that bridge between the education in the school and the learning at home.

The Grove continues to gather, support and nurture teachers to be the best they can be. And this school has always found a parent body willing to engage, wanting to show up and, in many ways, working to continually build a better school that holds and nurtures our children.

Every three years, parents and staff in 27 000 schools across the country vote in new School Governing Bodies.

At The Grove, a number of parents and teachers in the lead up to the elections, put up their hands to say, “Count me in. I want to help make this school even better”.

The willingness of so many parents to step forward and the numbers who turned out to vote, is another example of the deep tradition of parental involvement at the school.

Those of us who were elected onto the SGB stood for a number of issues that resonated with the parents and staff. These included strengthening the financial sustainability of the school, creating multi-lingual learning environments for all of our children and ensuring that The Grove is even more deliberate in creating a school where all children and staff feel they belong.

We have work to do, there is no doubt. But the work has already begun through the time and effort the previous SGB gave in commitment to The Grove.

We all want this school to continually be on a path that deepens, enriches and broadens the learning experiences of children. We all want our classrooms to reflect the world around us and prepare us for a future that is dynamic, diverse and uncertain.  We all want to walk through grounds and buildings that inspire us and offer us spaces to run, rest and play. We all want to walk among, work and learn with people who, through our differences and similarities, teach us something about ourselves.

The Grove offers us pieces of this. As parents, staff and children, we all get to keep putting the pieces together that make The Grove great. That makes The Grove even better.

Dylan Wray
SGB Chair

Elected SGB Members

Dylan Wray
SGB Chair
Robyn Tyler
Deputy Chair
Suhail Suleman
Feroz Koor
Carern Kieffer-Walker
Sally Shield
Jonathan Molver
Parent Rep
Naseema Parker
Staff Rep
Barbara Calothi
Staff Rep