Technology plays a vital role in the curriculum at The Grove from Grade 2 through to Grade 7.

It forms part of the STEAM educational approach which includes Science, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to solve a problem. Our children are encouraged to be more critical thinkers.

In doing so they improve their analytical skills and learn to solve problems systematically through hands on experiences and experimentation.

The Three Areas of Learning

Systems and control – e.g. hydraulics, electrical circuits, pulleys, levers

Basic engineering – e.g. triangulation, stability

Processes – e.g. textiles, plastics, paper, food tech, beading

The children are taught to work through the design process and:

Investigate problems

Research appropriately

Design by recording their ideas using graphical drawings and plans

Make a prototype

Evaluate their product

Communicate their findings and experiences

In Technology the possibilities are endless… this gives a large number of children the opportunity to excel.

Technology is not about the product. It is about the process, problem solving and innovation.