Transport & Access

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Please help to ensure the safety of all our pupils by obeying and enforcing these simple rules:

Never stop on a pedestrian crossing, on a red line, across a driveway, or in front of a gate.

Always drive around the school in an anti-clockwise direction, ie keep the school on your left at all times.

There are “stop and drop” spots in Bishoplea Road at Gate 5, Feldhausen Road at Gate 3 and Morris Road.

In order to ensure the security of all our pupils and staff, school gates are kept locked except during the main arrival and departure times. Access to the main entrance is controlled and parents are asked to sign in if entering the school grounds other than at the main arrival and departure times.

Exit/entrance gates

In order to relieve congestion around the school, please use the following gates as drop off and collection points:
Gate 1: Grove Avenue (Grade 1-3)
Gate 5: Bishoplea Road – Pedestrian gate (Grades 4&5)
Gate 6: Morris Road, Tennis Court (Grades 6&7)

All lift club members can meet at the senior class gate; OR lift club members in the same grade, but in different classes, can be collected from the same gate. They may choose the most convenient gate, but then no changes will be allowed.

All pupils waiting for lifts must wait INSIDE the school grounds and NOT on the pavement.

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