isiXhosa at The Grove

The Grove values and promotes multilingualism through our teaching of isiXhosa and we hope to reach a point where this concept of multilingualism does not remain an abstract idea but to model it in our day to day lives. Our aim is for it to form part of our culture and traditions.

We hope to encourage isiXhosa speaking students to take pride in their home language and not shy away to use it in the classroom or school grounds but to create opportunity to facilitate teaching and learning for both the teacher and the students.

The Grove aspires to produce children who are active citizens and leaders in promoting social cohesion, within our school community and beyond. Learning isiXhosa goes beyond learning grammar but an understanding of aspects of culture and beliefs of the native speakers of this language.

With understanding we can then begin to respect, be kind and develop tolerance towards one another regardless of our differences.

The Grove aims to raise the focus and status of isiXhosa as we strive to become a more multilingual community.