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The hair policy focuses on safety, our values of tidiness, respect for oneself and others, and pride in our school. The policy does not distinguish between boys’ hair and girls’ hair.

Hair styles should be:

  • easy to manage and suitable for being at school;
  • out of the face so that the child can see properly when working and playing sport;
  • clean, neat and tidy;
  • considerate of others –  the style should not block another child’s vision, nor should an individual’s hair get in the way of another child’s work or activity.


  • Hair may not be coloured. Braids must match the natural hair colour.
  • No decorative shaved patterns allowed.
  • Hair accessories must be simple:
    • hair ties and clips may be navy blue, brown or black;
    • Alice bands, headbands and ribbons must be navy blue.

Where necessary, clarification of the policy will be addressed by a designated committee of teachers.




  • Sets 1 and 2 are the formal school uniform. Each child must have both formal sets of uniforms one summer and one winter. Set 3 is an informal, optional alternative for daily use. None are gender specific.
  • All clothes must be marked with initial and surname. The only acceptable proof of ownership for lost items is a correct and clearly legible nametag. Unmarked items will be kept until the end of each term only and then donated to the second hand shop.
  • The only jewellery that may be worn is medic-alert discs, watches and a single pair of gold/silver ear-studs.
  • Nail varnish or cosmetics are not allowed.
  • Art overalls are required by all learners. This could be a large loose garment that covers the whole uniform.

SUMMER                                                            WINTER

 Formal Set 1                                                      Formal Set 1

Blue dress                                                                  Blue dress

White socks                                                               Navy jersey with badge

Black school shoes or                                              Navy blue knee high socks or

Black school sandals (no socks)                           tights

Grove hat / cap                                                        Black school shoes

Navy jersey with badge                                         Woolen Grove scarf (optional)



Formal Set 2                                                             Formal Set 2

Grey shorts                                                                 Grey short or long trousers

White shirt (open-neck / short sleeves)                White shirt (long sleeves)

Navy blue socks / white socks                                Grove School tie[1] (Optional)

Black school shoes or                                               Navy jersey with badge

Black school sandals (no socks)                             Navy blue socks

Navy jersey with badge                                            Black school shoes

Grove hat / cap                                                          Woollen Grove scarf (optional)



Informal Set 3                                                           Informal Set 3

(Optional for Foundation                                  (Optional for all ²)

Phase only, from 2016)          

White Grove golf shirt                                                   Full tracksuit

Navy blue  shorts                                                            White Grove golf shirt

Long blue / short white socks                                      Blue/white socks

Black school shoes or                                                   Black school shoes

Black school sandals (no socks)                                 Woollen Grove scarf (optional)

Grove hat / cap

Navy jersey with badge

[1] On occasions when a child needs to represent the school and is expected to wear a tie, loan ties will be made available.

[2] Not to be worn when representing the school outside of the normal school day (quizzes, chess tournaments, eisteddfods, choir festivals etc.)



  • Each set of uniforms must be worn appropriately and may not be mixed.
  • Only sleeveless vests are to be worn under the golf shirt. No long sleeve vests or round necks may be seen with the golf shirt.
  • Tracksuits must be worn as a whole with the white Grove golf shirt. (Pale blue for grade 7’s) A school jersey may be worn under the tracksuit top.
  • Sleeves are to be pulled down at all times.
  • Grove school scarves may be worn around necks during the school day provided that they do not cause a distraction to learning in any way.
  • There is a date set at the change of seasons for a compulsory seasonal uniform switch. (Usually 2-3 weeks into the 2nd and 4th terms, weather dependent.)

School bags

Only the Grove school bags are allowed.


Physical Education and Sport Practices

Grades 1 and 2:

  • Navy shorts and white Grove golf shirt. Training shoes / takkies must be predominantly white.

Grades 3 to 7:


  • Blue shirt with yellow collar. Grade 7s may wear the light blue Gr 7 shirt.
  • Navy shorts.
  • Long navy blue socks with yellow tops / short white socks.
  • Lace up training shoes / takkies.
  • Grove cap / sun hat.
  • Black speedo with or without a rash vest /  Grove sun suit. Grove swimming cap .



  • Blue shirt with yellow collar. Grade 7s may wear the light blue Gr 7 shirt.
  • Navy shorts.
  • Long navy blue socks with yellow tops.
  • Lace up training shoes / takkies.
  • Grove tracksuit top or Grove rain jacket.



  • Cricket: White Grove shirt, blue shorts, yellow top socks.
  • Tennis: White Grove shirt, blue shorts, short white socks.
  • Netball & Cross Country: Blue shirt with yellow collar, blue shorts, short white socks.
  • Soccer & Hockey: Blue shirt with yellow collar, blue shorts, yellow top socks.
  • Swimming: Black speedo, Grove swimming cap.
  • 1st teams: Kit prescribed by relevant coaches.