Readathon at The Grove

The library at The Grove is a vibrant, busy and exciting place bursting with wonderful books. There are often queues of children wanting to swap and get the latest books at the issue desk when school starts in the morning, during breaks and at the end of the school day. Literacy and information skills are taught during weekly library lessons.
The highlight of the year in the library is the annual three week long Readathon. A different theme is chosen each year and the library is decorated accordingly.

The Readathon is launched at a special assembly and a countdown heralds the start of the reading frenzy! Children and classes are awarded prizes for the most books read as well as the best selection of books read.

Displays are changed regularly to focus on new books, current events and interesting topics.The library has its own site called library@thegrove which keeps the children up to date as to what’s happening in the library and what new books have arrived.We subscribe to several children’s magazines as well as an online weekly newspaper.

This is available via the library site. Book sales and author visits are organised regularly.We also have a collection of books on parenting issues which is available to parents in the school.

Library at The Grove

Library Integration

The library has a bank of ipads which are used during these lessons. Computers are available in the library for research purposes. The library is open from the start of school to 4pm from Monday to Thursday. Many children make use of the facility in the afternoons to do homework or to relax on one of the couches and read!


Each class from Grade R to Grade 6 has a weekly visit. During this time, the children are given an opportunity to swap their books. They are also introduced to new books and authors, taught how to care for books, how to find books in the library as well as learn referencing skills.

Work at the Library

A wonderful team of moms (and dads) help with the covering and repairing of books. A dedicated Grade 7 library committee member mans the issue desk and assists with the shelving of books at break times.

Library and Outreach

Each year the library committee embark on an outreach project. During the year they collect and cover nearly new books for a classroom library. Towards the end of the year, they visit Newfields Primary School in Athlone and hand over a bookshelf complete with cushions and teddies to one of the classes.