Aftercare facilities create a home away from home space, where Grade R – Grade 5 children are cared for in a nurturing; structured and safe environment.

Homework is completed under supervision before free time allows children to enjoy their afternoon with friends. Holiday care is offered with a programme to suit all tastes and talents!


Aftercare at The Grove

Aftercare offers development through play and offers various activities like painting, drawing, play dough, dress up, puzzles, Lego and building blocks. Children develop social, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills while having fun doing what children enjoy most – playing!

Space is limited, allowing us to ensure that those in our care are adequately monitored.  Parents who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity are required to re-apply each year.



The Grove Campus

The Grove accommodates 700 children on our campus, with a reminder of our heritage dominated by Sir Hershel’s Obelisk at the entrance.

Additional Sports Fields

In a tucked away pocket of Newlands lies The Lady Anne field where children participate in practices and soccer and cricket.  We are also fortunate enough to be able to rent the Norwich Oval to supplement our sporting facilities.

Swimming Pool

A 25m swimming pool allows children to learn the life skill of swimming, stroke correction and gives the school the opportunity to host and participate in inter-school galas.


In 2017 our multi purpose astroturf was installed allowing, children to learn the skills of fast paced astro-hockey, netball, cricket and tennis, in a space that is not weather dependent.


Three Toyota Quantum buses are available for sport tournaments hosted outside of The Grove.




Tuckshop at The Grove

The Tuck Shop, on the school premises, serves a variety of predominantly healthy snacks such as nuts, biltong, ice bites, pretzels, corn, fruit and juice with an option for full meals for those who sign up.

There has been much debate around what constitutes ‘healthy’ and The Grove has heard all the sides of this conversation. Research has shown us that genuinely healthy food comes at a price. Wherever possible we aim to serve a variety of food that is predominantly healthy and affordable to as many children as possible.

The Tuck Shop is open at first and second break.  Snacks are sold on a cash basis, whereas full meals must be ordered and paid for beforehand via the form sent out at the end of each term.

The Tuck Shop is supported by parent volunteers and Grade 7 pupils.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop


Uniform Shop at The Grove

The Uniform Shop is located in the middle of the school grounds and is open twice a week for purchase of new and second hand uniform items, school bags etc.

New items available for purchasing:

Swimming costumes and caps, The Grove hats and caps, white The Grove golf shirts, tracksuits, blue and yellow golf shirts, UV protection costumes, school bags, wet bags, school jerseys, sports bags, navy socks, sports socks, PE and netball/hockey shorts, art aprons, chair bags, scarves, rain ponchos.

Also, items of second-hand clothing in good condition.

Girls’ dresses can be bought at School and Leisure, Riverside Centre, Rondebosch.

Boys’ grey shorts and white shirts can be bought at all uniform suppliers: Pep, Edgars, Woolworths etc.

Please mark all clothes clearly (initial and surname please)

Grade 1’s may have their goods delivered to their classrooms. All goods may be exchanged or refunded if still in original condition.

While the Grove Uniform Shop stocks most of the required uniform, there are some articles that are not available.

Lost Property

Lost Property


Lost Property at The Grove

We have introduced a new Lost Property system that is run by volunteer parents.

Lost Property at The Grove is situated at the white cupboards next to the clothing shop.

If items are lost they are collected by the ground staff and brought to lost property.

Marked items are sorted into the coloured class bags daily. (Each grade has its own colour) and the children may collect their lost items, at any time, from their class bag on the hooks outside the clothing shop.

Grade 1 items will be delivered to the correct class twice a week.

Lost Property not collected during the week is delivered to the class on Friday morning – a demerit is then applicable.

Unmarked items may be collected from Lost Property cupboard between the opening times. Valuables like wallets and glasses etc. will be advertised in the Grove Talk weekly. If not collected by the end of term, they will be donated to the clothing shop (uniform only) or a charity of choice.

Lost Property bags need to be returned to hooks before the end of every Friday please (so the process may start again on Monday!).

How you can help:
Please mark your child’s school clothes, sports clothes, lunch boxes, shoes and sports equipment clearly with first name and surname.

Please volunteer to help with sorting lost property once a week for half an hour.

Uniform Shop Hours of Operation

7:15am – 8:15am

1:30pm – 2:40pm

Cash,  EFT and Credit Card payments only.

Lost Property Hours of Operation

7:30am – 8:00am

2:15pm – 3:00pm

Please volunteer to help with sorting lost property once a week for half an hour.