Tuckshop at The Grove

YUM Online at The Grove Primary


YUM offers healthy, delicious food options for everyone at school. We offer options that take care of the extra brain break of preparing lunches and snacks that will carry our children from 08:00 to 16:00 every day. Our tuckshop concept provides eco and health conscience solutions to what has become plastic waste-heavy and unhealthy snack options. It’s up to us to be the change we need to see in our children’s diets and the way we consume food in an earth-friendly fashion.


We produce, cook and bake the majority of our goods in-house. We source fresh, local produce and ingredients, and this ensures both good quality and a major reduction on packaging and, that there are no preservatives, that everything is delicious and fresh; we make sure we sneak in healthy extras and go easy on the sugar!
For example, in our Choc-Chunk Muffins and decadent Brownies we use chunks of dark chocolate (an excellent antioxidant), our date ball is biscuit, date and coconut heaven and then for an extra healthy sweet fix, we have a truly awesome and totally addictive dairy, gluten and refined sugar-free Nutty Energy Bar as well as a great fibre-packed wholewheat 5-A-Day Muffin (these clever little gems
have banana, beetroot, carrot and raisins all snuck into a delicious muffin).
At YUM we are passionate about the earth. We try to keep all packaging to a minimum wherever possible and that the packaging we use is bio-degradable and compostable. We believe this is achievable with good systems and suppliers in place. By producing most of our goods in-house, we ensure a major reduction on packaging – for example; homemade drinks such as iced teas, lemonades and fresh-pressed juices. We prefer not to stock canned or plastic bottled carbonated drinks.
We strive to be completely waste-free, implementing composting and ensuring any daily leftovers are donated to a place of need. Currently, at The Grove Primary we have a veggie and herb garden, a compost system and an earthworm warm; we rotate friendly waste into earthworm food, feeding the compost, feeding the plants, which in turn feeds our children.


Parents are able to create an account on TapTuck and create a profile for each or any of their children at The Grove. 
Our entire menu (seasonal) is available to order on TupTuck daily under First Break, Second Break and After School. All orders need to be placed or cancelled before 08:00, daily. Orders can be planned ahead and be placed up to two weeks in advance.
The menu can be customised and certain items limited to certain periods of the day, for example, treats limited to After School only. Ordered goods are individually packed for each order with a name tag.
Birthday cupcakes and treats can be ordered and delivered to the classroom. Sparkles, sparklers and fanfare included. You can order directly on TapTuck for the day required or directly on mail: orders@yumonline.co.za 
Parents and staff are able to log onto the YUMonline.co.za website and order Supper Sorted ready frozen meals. This is an easy and convenient way to make your day super-efficient by taking the brain break out of supper.
Goods can be picked up from the Tuckshop or delivered through our delivery system from the online store.


Upon acceptance of this proposal and the set-up of the tuckshop, we would follow the procedure of applying for a Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises and Business License from the City of Cape Town.
In a new tuckshop we will aim to be Halal – we already follow Halal standards, meaning our meats are Halal and we do not prepare or serve pork products. Certification will be depending on Halal staff and inspection in the new tuckshop.
YUM Online has a Food (delivery) Essential Services Certificate and when necessary trades as an online food delivery service. In the case of higher COVID-19 Levels being implemented by the government, the YUM tuckshop closed and teachers and children will not be able to purchase directly from the Point of Sales and will only be able to order on the App where goods will be delivered.
During COVID-19 be assured that your safety is our utmost priority and we are following stringent protocols and industry guidelines to ensure safe and healthy meals. Our kitchen is kept sterile and only the YUM team members have access to it. We are screened daily.